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Sure you can go online and search how to fix a broken furnace, but is that really the safest thing? We’d rather you search for us online. You can search HVAC Service Near Me, West Jordan HVAC Company, Heating and Cooling Company in West Jordan, or even West Jordan furnace repair and West Jordan AC Repair. 

No matter how you search, you should find us. We have years of experience dealing with exactly what you are needing, and we can do it fast and affordably. We don’t expect you to just trust us. We want to show you what we mean. Call us to schedule a free estimate.

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We are happy to come out and help you with any of your home heating needs, but here are the most common issues;

  • Dirty Filters – Air filters keep the dirt and debris from getting into your heating and cooling system. As the system takes in air to heat or cool before distributing it out to your home or office, it has to draw the air from inside the structure. The filter stops all the unwanted particles from getting into the system and causing damage. Sometimes this is all it takes to get your office or home furnace working again.
  • Low Fuel or Energy – Different types of systems use different energy sources. If its an oil heater it can obviously run out of oil. If it is electrical you can experience a tripped breaker that stops power flow. If it is a gas furnace, a blockage or cut off of the gas supply will of course keep it from working properly. Whatever type of home heater you have we can make sure it’s working properly and get you back to comfort and warmth again. 
  • Pilot Light Problems – If you have a has furnace you need a pilot light to engage the heating process. This small flame, or sometimes electrical element that turns bright red and hot is what ignites the gas that is used to heat the air. All furnaces should be vented, and sometimes a strong wind can come down the vent and blow out the pilot light. If this happens it will not only keep your furnace from working, but it can lead to has poisoning!
  • Uneven Heating – Sometimes your furnace doesn’t create enough warm air to share with the whole structure. Also, while your furnace puts out the warm air, it’s your ventilation system that carries it throughout the house. Problems with either the furnace itself or the ventilation can prevent some parts of the structure to get it’s share of the warmth. 
  • Thermostat  – Sometimes the batteries in a thermostat simply need to be replaced. Other times the entire thermostat unit may be the problem. This little device is responsible for regulating the temperature and letting the furnace know when it needs to create more warmth. We can make sure your thermostat is adequate for your structure and that it is calibrated and functioning properly.
  • Fan Problems – In order to force the warm air into the ventilation system, there needs to be a fan that blows the freshly heated air down the line. If your fan is not coming on, if it doesn’t stay on very long, or if it never seems to stop, you may have a number of problems with your HVAC system. We can quickly diagnose the problem and get things back to normal again.
  • Smoke or Burning – Ahhhhhh! This is not good. Chances are everything will be ok, but if you’re reading this and your furnace has been smoking or continues to smell like something is burning beyond the first few minutes of the first cycle of the season, you need to immediately go and shut it off, then call us. This is a indication that debris has built up inside, or that there are mechanical parts not working properly. Either way, this is a dangerous scenario and it needs to be handled. We will diagnose things fast and get it fixed.

While these are not all possible scenarios or problems with a home furnace, heating issues are not only unpleasant but can be dangerous. Make sure you turn to a professional like us to help you get things working properly again. While we can’t do an over-the-phone diagnosis, we offer excellent rates for our services and are happy to check out any issues before starting any work. Call your trusted West Jordan HVAC professionals at ​801-528-7404 today! 

How Can West Jordan HVAC Pros Help You?

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With all the many HVAC companies out there you need to know you are working with one that you can count on. For Heating and Furnace issues it’s also important that the company be experienced with all the furnace brands out there.

We’re that company!

We have professional HVAC service technicians that have hands on experience doing exactly what you need. They have been trained in the best and most recent techniques and practices and we make sure they have all the top of the line equipment and tools to deliver amazing results. 

We would be happy to answer your HVAC heating questions or provide estimates so call us today at 801-528-7404.

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Understanding Your Furnace and Heating System

When the winter cold is creeping into your business or house, you know the best defense is a reliable whole home heating system.

We love when our furnaces are working, but what about the time it doesn’t? We don’t want you and your family to be miserable so allow us to share some basics.

It would be helpful to understand the way your forced-air furnace works in case you ever find yours not functioning properly.

How it Works

There are a few basics you should understand.

First, the magic of your furnace happens thanks to the wonder of a fuel source such as propane or natural gas. The furnace burns this fuel to create the heat.

Your furnace generally has a pilot light that is always on standby, ready to ignite the burner.

Second, the furnace then heats up as the heat exchanger gets hot. This heat exchange is then responsible to provide the heat to the air being pulled through the system.

Third, the blower in the furnace sends the heated air out to the home or office through the air ducts, delivering the warm, comfortable air to the air vents in each room.

Finally, the colder air inside each room is pulled back into the system to be re-heated through the air intake vents and return ductwork back to the furnace to begin the process over again.

Standard Furnace Parts

Another thing worth understanding with your home heating service is the various parts of the system.

Here are a few of the most important.

Burners – The burners of a home furnace are used to heat the air meant to be blown throughout the home. The burners are designed to sense the presence of gas being released when the gas valve, sensor, and igniter are working in unison to safely create the flame.

Thermostat – As the brain of the entire operation, your thermostat is the computer that monitors the temperature inside, watching for it to dip lower than the predetermined level. When this happens, the thermostat triggers the system to kick on and do it’s thing.

Blower – As mentioned in our explanation of how the system works, the blower is the part of your home heating system that forces the heated air out into the home. This blower is activated when the return air is drawn back into the system through the air ducts and heated.

Heat Exchanger – The heat exchanger of your home furnace is the part of the system that heats up and provides the hot temperature to heat the air being drawn through and blown back out. The heat exchange uses combustion from the fuel to heat metal baffles. This is a sensitive and important part of the overall system, and proper furnace maintenance should include extra attention to this part.

Flue – Easily overlooked but imperative to the safety of you and your family, the flue is what carries any harmful exhaust out and away from the furnace. Most home heating systems use a metal flue, most commonly a galvanized steel, however some of the more modern heating systems use polypropylene.

When you have a properly functioning furnace and whole home heating system, you and your family can enjoy comfortable temperatures all year long.

When you need a reliable West Jordan heating services company, your HVAC Pros are happy to offer fair pricing and dependable work.

We have gained a reputation as a home heating service West Jordan can count on. Our West Jordan furnace techs are happy to answer your questions so reach out with any questions.

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