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When you home or office AC goes out it can be a miserable experience. The heat goes up, your body starts to perspire, you feel the need to shed clothing to stay cool which isn’t always appropriate, then what? Well, we suggest calling West Jordan HVAC Pros right away so you don’t have to go through any of that. 

We have been repairing and replacing whole home AC, window mounted, and a variety of other cooling units for years. We understand the importance of keeping your home cool and sage for your family. We realize that a hot office is unprofessional and uncomfortable for your employees and customers. Let us help. 

With a fast response time, and extremely fair pricing, we can get the problem fixed and get you back to living life fast. Call and ask us how we can take care of you. 801-528-7404.

West Jordan HVAC repair services
West Jordan air conditioning repair

There are some common and standard problems that tend to be the issue whenever we are called for AC repair. Here are the ones we see most;

  • Air Filter. Certainly the easiest but most often overlooked problem. A dirty air filter can not keep you from feeling cool, but it can also lead to damage of your air conditioning system. Check it regularly and replace it when you can’t see light through it easily.
  • Coolant Leak. Air Conditioning units require a cooling agent to create the cold. Often referred to as “Freon” which is simply a registered brand name of a chlorofluorocarbons that is used to create cold air. If your AC is leaking it’s refrigerant it won’t hold a temperature very well, and will eventually fail to cool at all. Have your air conditioning system checked at least yearly for this possible issue.
  • Compressor Problems. With your refrigerant in place, the compressor pushes it into your cooling coils to create the cold air. If your compressor is broken this won’t happen. The compressor helps regulate the coolant, and if it fails you can have larger issues so make sure it is also checked regularly.
  • Coils, coils, coils. There are a few different coils in an air conditioning system. If any of them become damaged or dirty it can inhibit of prevent your A.C. from working properly. We will always check them all to make sure you have no serious issues. If they are dirty we can clean them, if they are damage we can replace them.
  • Electrical Problems: This can be one of the most pesky Air Conditioner problems because there are several possible electrical parts that can be the issue. There are contactors in the condenser, the compressor, and the motor that create the connection to turn everything on. There are breakers that can trip if there is a surge of power. There is a capacitor that helps to get the motor working. If any of these are struggling or broken your air cooling system simply won’t work properly.
  • Thermostat. Just as with your furnace, a thermostat that does not work properly will keep your air unit from working well. They need to be tested periodically to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Drainage Problems. If the AC system can’t drain it can lead to backed up water that can damage the system. This can be an expensive issue so pay attention that your drain lines are not blocked or clogged by anything.

These are some of the most common problems, but certainly not the only ones possible. West Jordan HVAC Pros will test and repair any aspect of your home or office air conditioner system to make sure you are prepared for the heat of summer. Call to schedule a pre-season tune-up, or arrange a regularly scheduled check-up to make sure you never have to worry about these concerns going forward.

Questions? Call your dependable heating and cooling experts, West Jordan HVAC Pros 801-528-7404.

How Can West Jordan HVAC Pros Help You?

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Day or night, Weekday or Weekend, We Will Be There For You When You Need Us!

One of the things that sets us apart from many other local HVAC companies is that we offer services whenever you need us. That means if it’s the middle of the night, on a long holiday weekend, we can still respond and take care of your emergency heating and cooling needs.

We offer this because we know you are not able to wait t feel the warmth or cool air that your family and company deserves. Not only can it be uncomfortable but during certain times of the year it can be unsafe. We will do our best to be available whenever you need us. We stay busy, so please understand if that means you have to wait a little bit. Regardless, we will always get to you and get things with your Air Conditioning system up and running again.

If you have questions, need an estimate, or want to schedule an appointment simply dial 801-528-7404.

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About Your West Jordan Air Conditioning System

As wonderful as summertime can be, we’ve all found ourselves dreading the next hot day. This is never more true than when we find that our home or office is in need of an AC repair.

Air conditioning has made life more comfortable and allowed us to progress as a human race, bringing comfort to the inside even when the sun burns like fire outside. As an AC service company in West Jordan, we are here to take care of your air conditioning system needs.

Most people don’t know that for an ac unit to work, a few specific things need to work properly. Our West Jordan ac system repair team knows how to deal with them all.

Air conditioning is the name given to a complex system that moves cool air throughout a home or office by using duct which allows the air to move, generally unseen, to ventilation points where it is then delivered into individual rooms.

In spite of the common assumption that your air conditioner blows cold air, the actual science of an AC unit is the removal of hot air. Most modern cooling systems perform the task so seamlessly we don’t realize the actual work being done.

The standard way an air conditioning system works starts with a compressor unit that moves a refrigerant through the system, converting the refrigerant from a gas into a liquid that is then processed through a cooling area, generally a compartment or coil.

The part of the system that is inside the building pulls the air out and through fins that cause an exchange from hot air to cold air. The newly cooled air is then forced back into the home or office through the ductwork, to provide a cooling and refreshing new internal climate that is much more enjoyable.

After that happens, the outside unit reverts the refrigerant from the gas it was changed to during the cooling process back into a liquid, dissipating the removed heat. The next time the system is called upon to cool the hot air again the refrigerant is ready to do the entire process all over again.

Depending on the settings you have on the thermostat inside the building, your air conditioning system will continue this process continually until the internal temperature reaches the desired level.

This magnificent system is a fine-tuned piece of equipment that, although durable and built to last, does need maintenance and the occasional repairs.

When you find that you need ac repairs or ac services, your West Jordan HVAC Pros are happy to take care of you. Our air conditioning technicians are highly skilled and experience to handle most any ac tune up or maintenance service call.

When the time comes that your rusty ol’ air conditioning system no longer works, our team will gladly offer a fair and affordable price for an ac system replacement and installation. We know it’s a big investment, so we are respectful of your budget and make sure we take care of you.

Our West Jordan AC installation services are fast and we always take extra care while we’re in your home of business. As a professional Air Conditioning company West Jordan has come to trust, we hold ourselves to the highest expectations.

Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation and estimate!

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